Central Air, Window Unit or Fans?

Pick The Right Type Of Cooling Option For Your Home

The summer heat in Florida is unbearable, leaving you to do whatever you can to stay cool. When the temperatures soar beyond 90 degrees, and there is 100 percent relative humidity, it can become dangerous to be in a home with no cooling system. However, you may be wonder which type of cooling system is best for your home. The last thing you want is to need air conditioning repair in Gainesville during summer's peak.

Cooling Option: Fans

Fans come in all varieties. Whether it is an inexpensive box fan or one of those fancy antique model metal fans doesn’t matter. Fans only blow and circulate the air that is already in the room, but they are very energy efficient to run, and you don't have to worry about AC repair in Gainesville either. If the air is muggy and hot, then it is just going to re-circulate the warm air around the room.

Fans can provide some comfort when placed in a window, bringing in the fresh air from outside. While that may work well in some climates, you want to keep the Florida air outside, especially when the temperature is climbing and the humidity is peaking.

So, in short, a fan will only provide minimal comfort. If a fan is your only relief from the heat, position the fan in high-traffic areas and point it slightly upwards. This will help circulate and cool the air, and the cooler air will fall while the warmer air remains (remember, heat rises!). If you have an air conditioning unit, then you can use the fan to help push the cool air to specific areas.

Cooling Option: Window A/C Units

Window air conditioner units are an option that many people utilize. These units have really increased in efficiency and price over the past few decades, and typical units feature a remote with the ability to control the temperature in one area. The problem is that these units don’t last long. Most AC repair services in Gainesville won’t work on these types of air conditioners when they become faulty, so you’re left to replacing them. This means that, over time, you could spending much more than you realize.

Additionally, these units are installed through a window or wall in the home. Damages can occur when the units are not tilted at the right angle which causes condensation to run down the walls. These units pull a great deal of moisture out of the Florida air, and they need a good place to drain.

Window units are a great escape from the Florida heat and humidity. They can be used alone, with a fan or with a central a/c system. For example, if a person prefers to sleep in a cool room, but the rest of the home’s occupants do not, then a window unit can be used in conjunction with central HVAC to achieve the perfect sleeping temperature for everyone.

On the downside, It takes several window units to cool a large home, which diminishes the cost effectiveness of the units. Also, it can be a pain to take these window air conditioners in and out of the windows and find adequate storage.

Cooling Option: Central Air Conditioning

When considering A/C in Gainesville, central air is the best option. First, it works much like the heating system in your home. You simply set a thermostat and forget about it. You can regulate each room to the same temperature so there are no fluctuations throughout the home. You don’t have to worry about drainage issues as these units have a drip pan that collects all the water and disperses it back into the ground.

HVAC maintenance is usually very minimal. It’s recommended to schedule planned maintenance 2-3 times per year to ensure the coils are cleaned and the refrigerant is at optimum levels. When you do need air conditioner repair in Gainesville, it usually is for things like a contactor or a condenser switch.

These units are built to stand the test of time. Sure, you may have to pay more initially to have the system installed, but that unit will last you 10-15 years depending on the upkeep. A window unit won’t last near that long, and they are not easily serviced.

Keeping Cool In The FL Heat!

Using a ceiling fan with your central air unit is the best way to provide comfort when you need it most. Remember to have your system serviced for efficiency and keep your fans clean. Surviving the heat in the South requires little effort when you have the right system in your home.