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Central Air, Window Unit or Fans?

Aug 10th 2017

The summer heat in Florida is unbearable, leaving you to do whatever you can to stay cool. When the temperatures soar beyond 90 degrees, and there is 100 percent relative humidity, it can become dangerous to be in a home with no cooling system. However, you may be wonder which type of cooling system is best for your home. The last thing you want is to need air conditioning repair in Gainesville during summer's peak.

Tips to Keep Cooling Costs Low in the Summer

Jun 13th 2017

During the summer in Florida, it is common for homeowners to increase the use of their A/C units and leave them running all day and night. While this will maintain cool temperatures inside the home at all times...

Can Your A/C Handle Another Florida Summer?

May 26th 2017

During the summer months, Florida’s heat can reach unbearable temperatures and high humidity only makes it feel hotter. In climates like Florida’s, air conditioning has become more of a necessity than a luxury...