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Fall AC & Heating Maintenance Tips

Oct 20th 2017

Though our leaves take a little longer to change colors during the fall, we still experience fall weather – eventually. If you’ve lived in Florida, you know how it goes. The AC hums throughout the day before the temperature drops at night enough to make you consider turning on the heat. This cycle eventually strains AC and heating systems, making regular residential HVAC maintenance from LIBERTYAIR necessary.

Tips To Avoid A/C Repair Scams in Gainesville, FL

Sep 21st 2017

Having a working Gainesville air conditioning system is vital with temperatures staying in the 80s and reaching higher than 100 degrees. It can be dangerous at high temperatures to be left without working A/C, and because of this, AC repair companies know that you'll be desperate to get your AC fixed. As a result, less reputable companies may try to take advantage of homeowners and business owners, but LIBERTYAIR offers these tips on choosing a reputable a/c repair company you can trust.

AC Prep For Hurricanes In Gainesville, FL

Sep 08th 2017

Preparing for a hurricane in Florida comes with a long to-do list, but one item you don’t want to overlook is your AC unit. Although LIBERTYAIR is here if you need a/c repairs in Gainesville, we offer these six easy steps to prep and protect your A/C unit before, during, and after the storm passes.

Central Air, Window Unit or Fans?

Aug 10th 2017

The summer heat in Florida is unbearable, leaving you to do whatever you can to stay cool. When the temperatures soar beyond 90 degrees, and there is 100 percent relative humidity, it can become dangerous to be in a home with no cooling system. However, you may be wonder which type of cooling system is best for your home. The last thing you want is to need air conditioning repair in Gainesville during summer's peak.