Common Heat Pump Problems & Solutions

Common Heat Pump Problems & Solutions

Heat pumps are an efficient and convenient way to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Like all appliances, heat pumps are subject to damage from wear and tear. Luckily, most issues with heat pumps have simple solutions, especially for trained professionals. Our AC repair technicians are experienced in repairing air source and ground source heat pumps. If you notice the following problems, contact our HVAC company in Gainesville, FL, to schedule an inspection and repair service.

Heat Pump Running Constantly

If you’ve noticed higher energy bills than normal, a malfunctioning heat pump may be to blame. More often than not, a malfunctioning heat pump will run constantly. The following are several issues that could cause this symptom.

Start by checking the air filters. If they are dirty, simply replace them and wait to see if the issue has been resolved. If this does not resolve this issue, contact our professional HVAC company for a professional evaluation! An experienced HVAC technician at LibertyAir can provide quick solutions to replace your thermostat, clean the coils, repair a leak, or replace the compressor.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

If your heat pump will not turn on, you’ll likely feel it in your home right away. It doesn’t take long for a space to match the outside temperature. This issue could have many causes and a professional HVAC repair company will need to diagnose the exact problem.

Not Heating Well

If your home isn’t as cozy in the winter as you’d like it to be, your heat pump may not be heating properly. The following are several reasons why your heat pump could be producing heat less efficiently or not producing heat at all.

It is important to solve these problems quickly to avoid skyrocketing energy costs and keep your home comfortable in the winter. The solutions to these problems are best implemented by a trained and knowledgeable HVAC repair professional. Contact us today at LIberty Air if you are experiencing issues with your heat pump.

Heat Pump is Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when the heat pump repeatedly turns off shortly after it turns on. Short cycling prevents your home from being properly heated or cooled and can drive up energy costs. There are several causes of short cycling and most require simple solutions. Contact our local HVAC company for diagnostics and repair.

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