Don’t Ignore These HVAC Noises

Don’t Ignore These HVAC Noises

As the springtime turns to summer, indoor comfort is as important as ever. When installed professionally and with regular HVAC maintenance or HVAC tune-ups, HVAC systems typically run without issue. But over time, heating and cooling systems can degrade, operating less efficiently and effectively. Strange noises coming from your system could indicate a problem. Over time, homeowners may become accustomed to these sounds and tune them out. While it’s common for your system to make some noise during its operation, other noises can indicate serious problems. Learn what noises to listen for and keep your system in tip-top shape with our guide from our HVAC company!

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It’s common for components inside of your HVAC unit to loosen over time. A noise like rattling, scraping, or metal against metal can indicate loose parts in your heating and cooling system. Whether it’s the fan blades, motor, or another component, these parts will continue to loosen over time unless they are tightened. In addition to loose components, rattling can indicate broken parts that require repair. If the rattling noise becomes louder, a component may have broken or disconnected. If this occurs, it’s important to turn off the system and contact our HVAC technicians for prompt service.


Loud, banging noises from an HVAC system is one of the most common sounds homeowners report. While banging noises are common, they shouldn’t be ignored. For properties with metal air ducts, the expansion and contraction of the ducts can result in an infrequent banging noise. If the noises occur frequently, then you may need to upgrade the size of your vents to increase the airflow coming from your system. Another common cause of continuous banging is an ignition problem. When the gas valve is opened but cannot light, a banging sound may happen, which can affect the functioning of your system.


If you hear a squealing sound from your HVAC system, it might be due to a problem with your unit’s fan motor, such as a misalignment of the motor’s parts. Squealing can also indicate weak bearings on the blower’s motor or the inductor’s motor. When pieces of the motor fall out of proper alignment, the squealing noises typically continue until the problem is fully repaired. If a squealing or screeching noise occurs the entire time the system is running, contact one of our trusted HVAC technicians to come and fix the fan motor.


Booming can be frightening and mind-boggling. If you hear a booming noise coming from your HVAC system, it may be caused by your furnace due to a build-up of gas. If you ignore the booming noises, the issue could become more serious, causing a crack to develop in the heat exchanger, which can completely burn out your furnace, causing significant and costly repairs. In addition to the costs associated with a repair, booming noises from a gas buildup can also be extremely dangerous.

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