Ensure Your Home Is Energy-Efficient This Summer

Ensure Your Home Is Energy-Efficient This Summer

During the summer months, especially in Florida, temperatures can reach blistering heights. As a result, homeowners often blast their air conditioning to keep their home’s interior temperature cool and comfortable during the summertime. Unfortunately, blasting the AC can be tough on homeowners’ wallets, causing significant increases in monthly energy bills. Sick of seeing a substantial increase in your utility bills when summer rolls around each year? Our HVAC company has got you covered!

To help keep homeowners cool without spiking their energy bills, LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning & Heating shares three ways to ensure your home is energy-efficient this summer! Contact our local HVAC company today to schedule HVAC services!

Optimize Your HVAC System

To operate at peak efficiency, HVAC systems require regular upkeep. Worse yet, neglecting routine maintenance or necessary repairs could result in gratuitous energy usage, as an HVAC system will have to work harder than necessary to cool your home. Do you suspect your HVAC system may require service? Reach out to our experienced HVAC technicians today to request HVAC maintenance or repairs!

Use Fans

Much like wind on an otherwise toasty afternoon, fans can help cool you off by generating a refreshing breeze in your home. While fans don’t directly cool down the air, they help keep air circulating throughout the home, which is essential to creating a cool and comfortable indoor environment. As circulating air hits our skin, it evaporates our sweat, helping us to feel cooler. Accordingly, if you set up a few floor fans throughout your home and turn on ceiling fans in the rooms you spend the most time in, you’ll be able to leave your air conditioning a few degrees higher while remaining comfortable.

Replace Your Air Filter

Replacing your air filter with a fresh one is an incredibly easy and effective way to ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently throughout the summer season. Dirty, clogged air filters make it significantly harder for your AC system to absorb hot air by blocking normal airflow. By replacing a dirty air filter with a new one ahead of summertime, you can increase the efficiency with which your AC system cools the air in your home, saving you money on energy bills. Try to replace your air filter every 60-90 days for consistent efficiency.

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