Get Your AC Ready For When A Hurricane Strikes

Hurricane season in Florida can be brutal and last well into the fall season. If a hurricane comes barreling down on your area, preparing your air conditioner may be the last thing you're thinking about. But, it will be the first thing on your mind if the AC isn't working when the power comes back on. Reduce damage and keep yourself cool between storms with these tips from LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning & Heating.

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HVAC Maintenance In Advance

If you haven't had recent AC maintenance, you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Not only will this catch potential issues before they become catastrophes, such as an outdoor unit that isn't properly bolted down, but maintenance will help the AC run more efficiently up until power is lost. Appointment times can be sparse as the weather gets worse, so remember to schedule your HVAC maintenance sooner rather than later!

Remove Potential Hazards

Flying debris, such as large branches and patio furniture, are often to blame for property damage. Minimize the risk of anything hitting your AC or your unit getting wrapped up in the wind by removing any outdoor furniture, tools, and toys and trimming the trees on your property. While many of these items seem innocuous on their own, they can become threatening projectiles when being launched through the air by hurricane-force winds.

Pre-Cool Your Home

The odds of losing power, and thus AC, is pretty high during a hurricane. Help keep your home safe and cool by pre-cooling and insulating your house as close to the storm as possible. Set the thermostat lower than normal and close blinds and shutters to keep cool air inside for as long as possible. This step may not be so much about protecting your AC, but it will ensure your comfort while you wait for the power to come back on.

Cut The Power

Hurricanes can cause power surges that can permanently damage electrical systems. While you may not want to give up your AC sooner than you have to, cutting power to the system will help ensure that it's usable once the storm has passed. You should also cut power early enough to allow plenty of time to perform other tasks.

Secure The Unit

While you might have removed potential dangers from your property, hurricane winds can drag items from miles around. Increase the security of the outdoor unit by covering it with a tarp and securing it in place with hurricane straps. This will help soften the blow of any projectiles while keeping smaller debris from getting inside the unit.

Check For Damage

While you may be anxious to get the AC back on once the storm has passed, wait until it's safe to go outside and check the unit for damage first. If you see any tears or dents, refrain from turning the power back on to the unit until after you've received AC repairs from experienced HVAC technicians. If everything looks good, go ahead and turn the power back on and test the AC to check if everything's okay. Even if you don't see visible damage to the unit, flooding and other storm issues can cause it to stop working. If you're in need of assistance, LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning & Heating offers emergency AC services that get you up and running faster.