How To Fix Uneven Cooling In A Two-Story Home

How To Fix Uneven Cooling In A Two-Story Home

Do you ever notice the second story of your home feels significantly warmer than the first floor? You’re not alone! Many homeowners living in multi-story homes are plagued by uneven cooling. For many people, the first story of their residence feels cool and comfortable, despite the thick, North Central Florida heat. Yet, their second-story rooms feel more akin to the outdoor weather. Some homeowners may think this is due to the simple fact that hot air rises, resigning themselves to living in a home with uncomfortable and uneven cooling. Yet, there are multiple ways you can improve the cooling power on every floor of your home! Below, the experienced air conditioning repair technicians with our HVAC company discuss four top methods of fixing the issue of uneven cooling in a multi-story home.

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Use A Zoned HVAC System

If your two-story home has uneven cooling issues on each floor, consider using a zoned heating and cooling system. A zoned HVAC system divides your home into, at minimum, two heating/cooling zones: the upstairs and the downstairs. With this division of zones, homeowners can cool and heat each floor at a different temperature to their liking. Within each zone, there is a thermostat, so you can control the electronic dampers in your air ducts. So, instead of having one thermostat to control floors’ temperatures, you can cool each floor individually. The other type of zone-specific HVAC system is a ductless air conditioning unit. This system uses ductless heating and cooling and multiple indoor air handlers installed throughout the home, each with its own thermostat.

Remove Air Vent Obstructions

A common issue preventing air conditioners from adequately cooling an indoor space is air vent blockages. Spend time looking around your property and the rooms on your home’s second floor. Inspect each air vent and check whether they are dirty, closed, or obstructed by objects or furniture. Clean any dirt or clogged vents and remove any obstructions for improved airflow. Be sure to position furniture away from the vents to promote more cooling power throughout your home.

If you want to direct more cool air into your second-story rooms, try slightly closing the vents located on the first floor. But do not close them entirely, as this can potentially damage to your ductwork. If your system still isn’t working, or you’d rather leave the work to a professional AC repair company, look no further than LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning & Heating! Our skilled HVAC technicians can inspect your system, vents, and unit components to help improve the quality of airflow and cooling in your home.

Switch Your Thermostat’s Fan Setting

Another possible method for combatting uneven cooling between your home’s floors is to switch the thermostat’s function setting from “auto” to “on.” When your home’s thermostat is set to the “auto” function, the fan in the HVAC system will run perpetually until it cools your home’s interior air to your preset temperature, after which point it will shut off. Conversely, the “auto” function on your thermostat offers an energy-efficient and simple way to cool your home, but it can result in unevenly distributed cool air.

For two-story homes, stick with the “on” option for your thermostat fan. By choosing “on,” you can help ensure your system’s fan doesn’t stop functioning prematurely, allowing the system to adequately cool your home’s. But be sure to manually shut off the fan once the desired temperature is achieved to avoid over-using energy and prevent your system from working overtime! Contact us for more information and to schedule AC services near you!

Check The Ductwork For Leaks

In some cases, uneven cooling in a multi-story home can indicate a larger and more significant issue, such as an air duct leak. A home’s ductwork only functions as it should when there are no obstructions or damages to it. When ductwork sustains damage, it can develop an air leak, which allows cooled air to escape from various cracks, tears, and holes before it can reach areas of the home where cooling is desired.

Ductwork leaks can make it more difficult for your HVAC system to cool each floor individually. Additionally, air duct leaks can prevent your cooling system from functioning efficiently, often resulting in significant spikes in utility bills. If ducts seem to be the issue, consider opting for a ductless mini-split cooling system for improved cooling with a seamless, elegant-looking unit that puts the power of cooling each area of your home in your hands! Contact us today to learn about our ductless air conditioning and heating systems.

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