HVAC: The Hot & Cold of It

Because of the unique conditions in North Central Florida, residents often run the air conditioner and heater on the same day. Indeed, this isn’t year-round occurrence, but it happens more than one might think. But what effect does running cold and hot air back-and-forth have on an HVAC system? LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning & Heating, a Gainesville HVAC company, explains the consequences of continual use on your HVAC system.

Is Running Heat & AC In One Day A Bad Idea?

By itself, the act of switching from AC to heat poses no inherent danger to an HVAC system. Although, there are risks of wear-and-tear, just as would be the case from having only cool or hot air run all day. In fact, cooling and heating repairs seldom are caused by people switching between heat and AC. Instead, most repairs are due to residents over-extending their HVAC units, in general.

Ways To Boost HVAC Efficiency

Having AC and heat run back-to-back adds to the workload for your HVAC unit. But there are ways to be comfortable day and night and still operate the system efficiently.

Schedule Planned Maintenance

Heating and cooling systems have numerous internal components that work together precisely. Because of the intricacies, these systems need bi-annual inspections by technicians from an HVAC company. Stretched fan belts, frayed electrical wires, and clogged air filters are all common signs of wear. When left unaddressed, such minor issues turn into bigger inefficiencies that waste energy and shorten the lifespan of the HVAC unit. But during planned maintenance, technicians can resolve mechanical problems and improve efficiency system-wide. As for scheduling, late fall and early winter are busy times for the dual use of AC and heat. Therefore, early fall is suitable for maintenance.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Technology has enriched the heating and cooling industry just like any other. Among the latest innovations are smart thermostats. With a manual thermostat, there’s no time control. As a result, you may operate the AC for too long during the day, which then forces the heat to work harder at night. And as this cycle continues, so do your utility bills climb. But a smart thermostat can be programmed to cycle air on and off at preset temperatures to cut unnecessary energy consumption. Conveniently, smart thermostats can be installed as part of planned HVAC maintenance.

How To Cut Down On HVAC Usage

The next time you think to adjust the thermostat, ask yourself whether having the air conditioner or heater on is absolutely necessary. During the daytime, the house may feel warm inside. But an open window and fan might cool the conditions sufficiently. A change of attire can have an impact, as well. Wearing shorts and T-shirts indoors, as opposed to winter clothes, can reduce the need to run the cold air and in turn help prevent future AC repairs. Similarly, added layers of clothing and blankets at nighttime can provide warmth and preclude the need for hot air.

Residents needn’t feel leery about switching from air conditioning to heat in the same day. But they should always be mindful of avoiding wear-and-tear and conserving energy. At LIBERTYAIR, we offer a variety of services to make your home’s indoor conditions comfortable year round. The products we offer include the latest iterations of smart thermostats and energy-saving HVAC systems. And we perform planned maintenance, where our technicians inspect your home’s HVAC unit to ensure it runs efficiently. Schedule maintenance with LIBERTYAIR today!