Make Your Home Comfortable By Reducing Air Leakage

Homes function best when they are completely separated from the outside environment. Any cracks, holes or openings can allow wind and air from outside to seep in. These uncomfortable drafts have the potential to severely increase your energy bill. You can avoid this by letting LIBERTYAIR inspect and repair any openings you may have.

Effects of Air Leakage in your Gainesville Home

Any air that is seeping into your house can create uncomfortable pockets of warm and cool air. In the hot summer, people are desperate for the cool relief that a proper Gainesville air conditioning system can provide you with. It has been estimated that air leakage is responsible for 30 percent to 70 percent of A/C energy that is wasted. Not only is the air you are heating and cooling permitted to escape, but your system is forced to exert more energy to compensate for drafts. Further, as air from outside enters your home without being treated by your air conditioning system, moisture will enter as well. This moisture can result in the accumulation of harmful mold and mildew.

Air Conditioning Problem Areas to Check

It is important to regularly inspect your home for weak spots that will impact your Gainesville heating and cooling system. Thankfully for homeowners, there are specific areas that are particularly vulnerable. Periodically, it is important to check areas such as:

  • Gaps and openings surrounding windows and doors
  • Damaged or broken seals on window panes
  • Cracks where the foundation meets the wood framing
  • Attics

Protect Your Gainesville Heating and Cooling System

In order to maintain your house and extend the life of your air conditioning unit, it is important to perform regular maintenance. Make sure that you contact a professional before the hot summer months or winter because your unit will be working much harder during these periods. However, leaks will affect the temperature of your home and your energy bill even when Gainesville is not experiencing extreme temperatures. Any draft will place a strain on your system so it is best to eliminate them if possible. Once you find an opening, repair it by applying sealants, replacing any damaged insulation and using caulk to fill small cracks. Openings surrounding windows can also be secured with the help of weatherstripping or foam.

Air Conditioning Company in Gainesville, FL

Though you may want to attempt to perform air conditioning repairs yourself, mistakes can be costly. Instead, let the professionals handle it for you. Our team at LIBERTYAIR has plenty of experience with air leakage in Gainesville homes. We know what to look for and will be more than happy to inspect your home and provide solutions. Contact us today if you require scheduled checkups, maintenance or are in need of an AC repair in Gainesville, FL.