Signs Your HVAC System Is Wasting Energy

There are a few telltale signs your HVAC system is wasting energy, and in the many years of doing AC repair in Gainesville, FL, we’ve seen them all. One of the more common signs of an inefficient HVAC is when the temperature in your home isn’t consistent but fluctuates from room to room. Another sign of a wasteful HVAC system is too much humidity in the house even when the AC is running. Also, if you notice a sudden spike in your utility bill, that’s still another sign of an HVAC efficiency problem. To avoid these and promote energy efficiency with your system, HVAC maintenance is critical. But if you do see some of these signs with your HVAC system, we at LIBERTYAIR have some helpful tips to boost efficiency.

Tips for Improved HVAC Efficiency

Probably the most common issues with an inefficient HVAC system are dust and dirt. When we’re called to perform HVAC maintenance and repair in Gainesville, we check the cleanliness of the indoor unit and the ductwork because dirt buildup in these areas can hurt the system’s efficiency. A dirty unit will also have to work harder, which wears it out sooner and uses more electricity to achieve your desired temperature. However, routine cleaning of your HVAC system as part of its maintenance keeps your system running efficiently, which saves energy and money.

During the colder months in Gainesville, heating repair is imperative for many people who have older or worn out HVAC systems. Since older systems tend to be centralized throughout the house, they often use one device to maintain an entire home’s temperature, but the result is usually a comfortable temperature in one area while the other rooms are too hot or cool. One solution can be upgrading to a zoned HVAC system. Zoning is a great way to increase energy efficiency in your home because it divides portions of the house to different HVAC systems. Rather than one system working too hard, you now have several smaller units working efficiently and delivering a nice temperature to every room.

Sometimes you might also be losing efficiency because your existing HVAC unit is too small for your home. Typically, an undersized unit exists in a house that has had add-ons, but there can be other reasons like maybe the unit is outdated. However, if your unit isn’t large enough for your energy needs, you’re likely to end up overworking it and losing efficiency while trying to reach that desired temperature. Not only does upgrading solve the size program, but there are other benefits like the opportunity to get the latest most energy-efficient HVAC technology.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Besides improved efficiency, perhaps the main benefit of routine maintenance is avoiding future HVAC repairs. By scheduling planned maintenance for your HVAC system, you can have more confidence in the system as a whole. And if an HVAC repair is needed, we’ll have your most recent visit in our system so we can perform repairs more quickly. Maintenance not only saves you money on repair costs, but it will also keep your utility bills lower and more consistent by ensuring your heating and air are running efficiently.

Here in sunny Gainesville, maintenance on your AC unit is important, especially since its refrigerant level can reduce over time. Without sufficient refrigerant, your AC unit’s frigid evaporator coils won’t get cold enough to condense the moisture in the warm air inside your home. More moisture makes your indoor air become humid and in turn causes you to run your system even harder to compensate. However, simple maintenance like a refill of AC refrigerant can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and keep your utility costs manageable.

AC Repair in Gainesville, FL

The benefits of HVAC maintenance are improved efficiency and lower utility bills. If you suspect your HVAC system is wasting energy, maybe because your room temperatures fluctuate or there’s excess humidity with the AC on, we encourage you to contact LIBERTYAIR Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule maintenance with one of our helpful technicians. Additionally, if your heating or cooling unit is outdated or too small for needs, we can also guide you in upgrading to a more efficient HVAC system. With many years of experience serving the greater Gainesville area, we’ll find the right HVAC solution for your situation.