Top Heating Repairs in Gainesville

Problems with a heating system can happen to just about anyone. But where someone lives plays a role in the repairs that may be necessary. HVAC company technicians encounter many of the same handful of HVAC issues during the winter. Here, LIBERTYAIR lets you in on what the top repairs are in Gainesville, and how you can prevent them.

Common Heating Issues

HVAC systems are susceptible to a range of issues. But the following problems cause the majority of heating repairs.

Dirty Filters

You may know that a heating system utilizes a filter to catch airborne particles. One reason is to improve a home’s indoor air quality. But a filter also protects the inner workings of an HVAC system. Technicians recommend replacing a filter every three months to keep a heater running smoothly.

Filters that have gone unreplaced are a common source of winter heating problems. The airborne particulates in the surrounding environment can block filters. A dirty filter then restricts airflow to a heater and allows more debris to penetrate and gum up the inner components. This means the heater hs to work even harder, which leads to extra wear-and-tear and higher utility bills. A technician fixes the issue by cleaning the inside of the heater and installing a new filter.

Faulty Thermostats

A thermostat signals to the heater when it's time to turn on or off. If the thermostat is defective, communications are disrupted with the heating system. The heater may then cycle on and off, or not turn on at all, as a result.

In the older homes, which are prevalent in Gainesville, the culprit of thermostat troubles is often bad wiring. Common electrical issues may include loose connections and old wires that need replacing. In programmable thermostats, the cause of malfunctions is usually dead batteries. Meanwhile, if the Internet goes out during a winter storm, WiFi-enabled thermostats may experience heating problems, as well.

But while thermostat issues aren't uncommon, they are one of the easier heating repairs to diagnose and fix. The need for repairs also represents a perfect occasion to upgrade a thermostats. New ones can be purchased from and installed by your local HVAC company.

Bad Limit Switch

A limit switch is a small yet vital component of a heating system. When a heater is initially turned on, it takes a little bit of time for the air to warm up. Once that happens the system’s handler blows the air through vents in the home. The limit switch is the device that tells the air handler when to start blowing. It also regulates the temperature of the supply plenum and prevents the heater from becoming too hot and overheating.

Not having planned HVAC maintenance is the most common reason for a faulty limit switch, which can cause  heating issues, such as the air handler not turning on (which means warm air won't blow through the vents) or the system overheating.     

Why Fall HVAC Maintenance Is The Solution

Heating repairs may occur mostly in the winter, but fall is the time residents can prevent repairs with HVAC maintenance. Of course, some issues occur without warning, but the most common heating repairs in Gainesville are are caused by poor maintenance habits.

During HVAC maintenance a technician replaces the filter, cleans the system, and checks its vital components, such as the thermostat and limit switch. Ideally, this type of inspection should occur twice each year. And by scheduling one in the fall, you can ensure a warm home all winter.

Make sure your heater is ready for the winter. Schedule maintenance with LIBERTYAIR today!