Eight Ways To Extend The Life Of Your A/C

Eight Ways To Extend The Life Of Your A/C

Air conditioners don’t last forever, but there are ways you can extend the functional lifespan for as long as possible. The A/C professionals with LIBERTYAIR share eight easy ways to keep the air conditioner humming along for many years. To learn more about the AC services our HVAC company offers in High Springs and surrounding areas, contact us today!

1. Keep The Outdoor Unit Clean & Clear

Make sure there’s at least two feet of clear space surrounding the outdoor unit at all times. If you have shrubs, trees, or other landscape features nearby, keep them trimmed so they don’t grow into the unit. The less obstruction, the longer the entire system will function.

2. Check The Airflow From The Vents

The vents inside your home or business are responsible for dispensing cool air, but over time, the vents may become blocked. Appliances, furniture and wall coverings are three common reasons for the blockages, which not only increase the indoor temperature but cause the air conditioning unit to work harder than necessary.

3. Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating — regular air conditioning maintenance provides a host of benefits. Yes, parts will wear out over time but calling LIBERTYAIR for reliable and timely repairs helps extend the life of the entire system. Plus, it ensures efficient operation which saves money on cooling costs and the sudden need for a full air conditioner replacement.

4. Use The Clothes Dryer At Night

Give the air conditioner a break and dry clothes at night when the outdoor temperature is cooler. The dryer releases warm air into the home that, when sensed by the thermostat, causes the A/C to turn on more frequently. This additional cycling introduces more wear and tear on the system than necessary which can shorten the unit’s lifespan.

5. Turn Off Unused Electronics

Not only does turning off unused electronics, including appliances, cut down on your electricity use but it helps keep the home or business cooler in the summer. The same principle as the clothes dryer applies — electronics, such as computers and TV screens, give off heat and make the A/C unit run to compensate.

6. Change The Air Filter

A clean air filter allows ample air circulation throughout the home or business. Unrestricted air circulation also stops harmful debris from entering the air. With proper circulation, A/C unit sensors activate as needed instead of in short time frames. Additionally, the internal parts aren’t coated with dust and dirt which allows for a mechanical malfunction. Check the packaging on your air filter — it should state how often to change or clean the filter.

7. Take Advantage Of Window Coverings

Uncovered windows allow heat to enter into the home or business, which raises the indoor temperature. Install or use blinds, curtains, and shades to cover the window during daytime hours rather than relying solely on the air conditioner to cool the dwelling.

8. Work With A Licensed HVAC Company

An A/C unit is made of an intricate combination of electrical and mechanical parts that must function in cohesion, and if something is amiss — as is often the case with DIY repairs — the entire system can shut down. Therefore, A/C repair work is a task best left to licensed and trained technicians.

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