Tips to Keep Cooling Costs Low in the Summer

Keep Summer Cooling Costs Low in Gainesville, FL

During the summer in Florida, it is common for homeowners to increase the use of their A/C units and leave them running all day and night. While this will maintain cool temperatures inside the home at all times, it will also drive up energy costs. Thankfully though, there are measures you can take in order to keep your home cool while at the same time increasing your savings. At LIBERTYAIR, we provide Gainesville ac repair and services so that you are never left without cool air in your home.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

There is no need to keep your air conditioning unit running at full power at all times, after all you will likely not be home all day, every day. By installing and setting a programmable thermostat, you will be able to control the temperature at certain times of the day and save money. This will allow you to set the thermostat a few degrees warmer when you leave the house and have it cool when you return. It is easier than turning it on and off multiple times throughout the day, it will save you money and you will still come home to a comfortable temperature.

Seal Windows & Doors

Hot air can often leak into your home from seal cracks in windows and doors. This makes it harder for your home to stay cool which means your A/C unit will have to work harder and use up more energy. By investing in new seals or repairing them, you will be able to cool down your home more efficiently and save money.

Use Fans

Using a ceiling fan when in a room, allows you to set the temperature a couple degrees warmer without you noticing any perceptible difference in how cool the room feels. This is because a ceiling fan is able to create a windchill effects that moves the denser cool air near the floor throughout the whole room. It is important to remember not to leave the fan on when leaving the room though, since ceiling fans don’t actually cool down a room, but rather people, and you will be using up unnecessary energy.

Avoid Heat from Appliances & Lighting

To avoid heating up your home and thus requiring more effort from your A/C unit, it is best to limit the use of lights during the day and heat-producing appliances. Turn off the lights of rooms not in use and when light is necessary, try using natural light by opening window blinds. Avoid using the oven or stove to cook and instead use the microwave or grill outside. These small changes in the way you do things throughout the day can keep temperatures low and save you a considerable amount of money over time.

Keep Your A/C Unit Well-Maintained

Keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance to your unit can ensure that your unit isn’t using up more energy than necessary. Any damage to the mechanism or dirty filters can impede the flow of cool air into your home and cause your system to exert itself more leading to higher energy bills. Through maintenance, a technician can ensure that everything is in order for efficient air conditioning Gainesville residents can rely on.

Gainesville Air Conditioning Repair

At LIBERTYAIR, we understand the importance of having cool air in your home during Florida’s hot summer months to ensure comfortable and safe temperatures. That is why we provide fast and reliable repairs and services to ensure that your unit is always functioning properly. Contact us today for AC Gainesville, FL, residents can trust when they need it most.