A/C Connections, Volts & Amps Check

Florida is known for its brutal heat and resistant humidity. To cope, you need a reliable heating and air conditioning system that can withstand the year-round use. When loved ones enter your home, they should feel relieved to be in cool air during Gainesville’s stifling summer. When your customers and clients enter your place of business, they deserve a comfortable atmosphere, too.

Many people do not realize that regular checkups of your heating and air conditioning systems, specifically on the electrical connection and volts/amps, can help prevent complications and improve your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system’s overall performance.

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HVAC Electrical Components Must Be Checked

It is crucial to regularly check and service the electrical components of your HVAC systems. You should contact a Gainesville air conditioning service to assist you with any of the following:

  • Clean out dust, dirt, and other debris that often build up over time. Such debris can contaminate air and make it difficult for air to flow freely and properly.
  • Eliminate burning smells caused by debris or other external factors
  • Detangle electrical cords that may interrupt air flow and pose potential fire safety hazards
  • Check that all electrical connections are functioning properly
  • Provide necessary tune-ups
  • Ensure that all switches are operating the way that they are supposed to
  • Check fuel, batteries, and fuse boxes
  • Ensure that the voltage is suitable for your home

Benefits of HVAC Planned Methods

  • Safety:By checking your HVAC electrical connections and volts/amps, you can ensure the safety of your home. Often, minor issues such as tangling of cords and buildup of debris can obstruct the proper flow of air and destroy your air conditioning system in the long term. Planned A/C maintenance decreases the likelihood of a fire, or other electrical explosion, from occurring in your home. An electrical fire spreads quickly and will destroy your property and put you and your family at risk.
  • Health:Whenever a burning smell filtrates your home, or the flow of air within your home is interrupted because of debris in your HVAC system, your air becomes contaminated. There is a certain standard of air quality that the airflow in your home should have to ensure that your home or property is healthy. Indoor air quality should be maintained to help prevent toxic bacteria and debris from traveling throughout your space unnecessarily. Poor indoor air quality can result in respiratory problems, watery eyes, itchy skin, and a running nose. Don’t allow your loved ones and/or customers to suffer. A Gainesville air conditioning repair team can provide a thorough check of your electrical connections to promote prevention of these health problems from occurring.
  • Money:If found early, problems associated with electrical connections and volts/amps within your property can save you tons of money. Often, utility bills increase because of unnecessary electrical burning or overwork of your HVAC machine. Through planned maintenance, you can lower the use of unnecessary electricity usage and decrease your monthly utility bills.

If electrical problems are not discovered and treated early, they only become worse. Minor problems may influence the performance of other components of your HVAC system until the system completely destroys itself. The result is hundreds, even thousands, of dollars that are forced to leave your pockets to afford a new A/C system.

Gainesville A/C Repair Services

Don’t allow this to happen to you. Preserve your property, safety, health, and financial assets through regular checkups of the electrical components and volts/amps of your HVAC system. Florida’s heat is unrelenting. You deserve a HVAC system that will last long and keep you cool. At LIBERTYAIR, we are proud to serve many areas in Gainesville, FL. Contact us for regular A/C maintenance today.

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