A/C Burning Smell

Is there a burning scent coming from your furnace or heating vents? There are several reasons why it could smell like something is burning but have no accompanying smoke. The most common reason is that there is dust in the vents or that dust has settled on the furnace heat exchanger. However, not all of the causes should be shrugged off. If the burning scent persists, or if you smell burning and it is not the first time you’ve turned on your heating unit in recent days or months, contact a professional heating and cooling service like LIBERTYAIR.

Does it smell like burning? Turn off the unit and call us immediately!

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It Smells Like Something Is Burning!

Many homeowners experience a “burning smell” when their heating system turns on for the first time after many months of sitting idle. The most common culprit is dust that settles on the system during the summer burns when the system comes to life. However, the smell should dissipate quickly. If the smell persists, then you may need to call our technicians.

What To Do If There’s a Burning Smell

  • Check your air filter. You should always start a heating season with a new air or furnace filter, which should then be changed every 1­2 months, depending on how quickly it becomes dirty. Some homeowners who do not run their heating systems much can go an entire winter with one filter.
  • Check for obstructions or debris around the unit. Make sure your furnace is not touching anything flammable like clothes, towels or toys.
  • If you smell gas, then there is likely an issue with the fuel supply. Shut off the gas immediately and contact your service provider.

After dust in your heating system has burned off, a residue may remain, which can keep the burning smell around long after the dust has burned away. We recommend having your heating system and air ducts thoroughly cleaned before winter to avoid burning smells. A scheduled maintenance call for your heat pump, electrical heater or gas furnace can also ensure that your system works properly through the winter without fail. It’s always best to begin the heating season with a well­functioning system. At LIBERTYAIR, we provide heating system maintenance to Gainesville and the surrounding North Central Florida region so that you can stay warm and toasty without worrying that your heater will fail.

A burned out motor may produce a burning smell and can be hard to pinpoint once the smell has spread throughout the vents and ducts. If you think your heating system is the cause of the smell, turn off the system and contact a professional heating repair service to investigate the smell, diagnose the problem and quickly fix the issue. At LIBERTYAIR, our knowledgeable technicians can quickly identify a multitude of heating problems and provide you with options to get your home back to its warm and comfortable state.

Gainesville Emergency Heating Service

If the burning smell persists, it’s time to call LIBERTYAIR. Our technicians are available for services from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Even if you’re unsure of the cause of the burning smell, it’s best to be safe and rely on our excellent service and professional training to repair your heater.

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